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Top Small Business Financing Options for 2019

Financing a small business can be challenging, whether you are starting the business or when it is in its expansion stage. Small businesses failures today as a result of inadequate capital for operating. There are many ways you can source capital apart to fund your business apart from bank loans. This article talks about the best financing options one can use for their business.

Self-financing is the first financing option for small businesses. Self-financing is the most popular way to finance small business startups and operations. You can use a valuable asset you own to get a low-interest loan when it comes to self-financing. You should start by evaluating the assets you have if you are to fianc yourself. You can use any of your assets as collateral if you have secured a loan or you can take a home equity loan to fund your business.

The next financing option you can use for your business is alternative business loans. Some banks do not lend small businesses loans especially is their startup stages. Small businesses are viewed as potential defaulters by most banks, and even if they are given loans, it is at high interest rates. As a small business owner, you should look for alternative business loan sources that are flexible and make independent decisions.

Another financing option you can use for your business are angel investors. If you are in the initial stages of starting up a business, an angel investor can be a good source of capital. In most cases, angel investors can be someone you know well such as a family member or friend. Angel investors assist business owners with resources in exchange for equity or convertible debt in their business. An angel investor will fund your business with his own money hence they should believe in the future of your business.

The next financing option you can use for your business is credit cards. When used correctly, credit cards can help finance a small business. If your business is at its initial stages and it needs funds to keep operating, credit cards can help with the initial expenses. Making your monthly payments ion time will enable you to build a good credit score.

Another financing idea for a small business owner is crowdfunding. One of the most popular ways of financing small businesses is through crowdfunding. Crowdfunding platforms are helpful as one can state their business ideas and goals and if people are interested, they will invest in your business.

Another financing option for a business is product presale. Product presale is one of the most effective ways you can raise capital for your business. You can do presales of your fully developed product before launching it.